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Using Digital tools in the community

Radical Help

Recently we have also been reading the book Radical Help by Hilary Cottam which was suggested by David Grady, the book is real eye opener about ways to approach the welfare state and in some part has echos of the tools we are currently using and the ideas of leveraging the assets we have to tackle social problems. Please see below Hillary’s TED talk on the subject. The book has inspired us to think about how we could refocus our customer orientated tools on our communities and members.


Open coop

To discover a bit more what others are doing in this space I attended the open coop event in sunny London on the recommendation of board member Richard Bickle.

The event was a chance to showcase platform coops and for different cooperatives to meet and discuss how we can work together to achieve our shared goals.

There were some really interesting practical sessions I particularly liked the session on every day participation which was brought to life by the new citizen project and focused on how to encourage more people to be involved in organisational governance. I will be looking at how we can apply some of these methods to our think:digital associates program, which looks at engaging with enthusiastic participants to build digital capability across the society and community.

In addition to the practical sessions there were some really interesting talks around the future of platform tools and how groups like, Rchain, holochain and minds are using technologies such as block chain to rethink how applications are developed and ensure the future of an independent internet.

I also spent some time in a session which discussed the power of narrative to create a compelling story and ensure your message is not only heard but that it makes a connection with its audience.

The day I attended was a real eye opener to the power of cooperation and collaboration. It also gave me a great insight into the passion people around the world have for the cooperative movement and how we can play a part in it.

How can we get going?

To follow up on the potential for our tools to be used in the community we teamed up with our board member Richard Bickle. We had a very interesting session where we discussed how we could use our tools and methods in the community and for our members. The visit was very productive and has left us with plenty of ideas for what we can do to wider the scope of building capability in the future so watch this space…


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