UPS delivery drone
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Are drones the future of delivery?

UPS have recently released a video of their first completed drone delivery with a view to changing their day-to-day delivery operations.

The UPS drone is deployed from a modified UPS delivery truck – the roof of the truck opens up to reveal a launchpad. Once open, the driver activates the drone which flies off to a pre-programmed delivery location. Once the package is delivered, the drone returns to the delivery truck.

UPS have estimated the by removing just one mile per day from each delivery route would save the company $50 million.

Amazon and Google have also trialled drone delivery. Amazon’s PrimeAir experimental’s drone can’t carry the same weight at the UPS service but is not deterred. Google’s Project Wing initiative has chosen a less strightforward experiment by testing the delivery of burritos.

What are your thoughts? Would you accept a delivery by a drone? Let us know in the comments.


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