Using Digital Tools to help Out and about

Who are Out and About?

Out and about are the CEC’s LGBTQ+ support group aiming to help our Colleagues, Customers and Members to understand and embrace people of all gender and sexual orientation through education and collaboration.

Why are we using digital tools?

The group is still in its early days and we saw a potential to use the toolkit we have built up to help them decide on their purpose and mission statement and come up with some big ideas to help them deliver these.

What are we doing?

In our first meeting we used our digitools to try and understand what issues and barriers we want to help overcome as team. We looked at how we could help deliver the message of inclusion throughout the society and remove barriers to entry as well as progression within our teams.

What’s next?

We are meeting up 26th October to discuss our findings and decide the next steps. We have made contact with external societies such as Stonewall, Birmingham LGBT and BCUSU.LGBT with a hope to learn from their approaches and how we can collaborate moving forward.

What did we learn

We learned our tools work really well in different environments to help solve problems and focus questions. Understanding what you are trying to achieve can inform the sort of questions you ask and these tools help give you a deep understanding the issues we face.

How can you get involved?

You can email the team from Out and About at pride@centralengland.coop please keep your eyes peeled for more updates coming soon!

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