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Co-operative Futures Conference 2019 #FC19

How can we make Co-operative deserts bloom? That’s the big question that Co-op Futures wanted the answer to, but how could they get answers to such a vast and complex question? What do you do when you’re faced with seemingly intractable problems? In this case, Think:Digital were called into action!…

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Hi all, Tom here, another busy week here at think:digital! Tuesday saw a visit from our Retail colleagues. Regular contributor John Mangan and his colleagues from the west 4 region came to visit and see how our digitools are being used to identify areas we can be impacting to make…

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Applying Digital tools in Chelmsley Wood

Hello all, Nicky here, In my day job I am the manager of Chelmsley Wood retail store and was interested in how I could apply our digital toolkit in the surrounding area. Last week saw a really positive meeting with Sue Watson, a local education authority officer with Solihull council.  We…

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Using Digital tools in the community

Radical Help Recently we have also been reading the book Radical Help by Hilary Cottam which was suggested by David Grady, the book is real eye opener about ways to approach the welfare state and in some part has echos of the tools we are currently using and the ideas…


CXJM : customer experience journey mapping session @ BCU

Hi all, Tom here, What a day! Today we had colleagues from across the business attend our BCU office to take part in a fast paced customer journey mapping session. After a 6 minute introduction we were thrown straight in to a live case study which as a way of…


CXJM : customer experience journey mapping – kick off

What is CXJM? This week we have been working on customer experience journey mapping or CXJM for those who hate vowels. CXJM will be a key part of our approach going forward. The idea is that the majority of our forthcoming experiments and work will be approached from the perspective…