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Co-operative Futures Conference 2019 #FC19

How can we make Co-operative deserts bloom? That’s the big question that Co-op Futures wanted the answer to, but how could they get answers to such a vast and complex question? What do you do when you’re faced with seemingly intractable problems? In this case, Think:Digital were called into action!…


Using Digital Tools to help Out and about

Who are Out and About? Out and about are the CEC’s LGBTQ+ support group aiming to help our Colleagues, Customers and Members to understand and embrace people of all gender and sexual orientation through education and collaboration. Why are we using digital tools? The group is still in its early…


Using Digitools in a day to day environment and our first Design Sprint confirmed!

Hi All, Tom here, Last week was very busy one here at think:digital. We currently have over 20 pieces of work in flight ranging from scheduled visits from externals and colleagues from across the business to our first full design sprint and a work shop with the society’s LGBTQ+ group…


CXJM : session 2 the work starts here

Welcome to the real world This week we completed our second round of customer journey mapping which was a great success. On this occasion we used two real life scenarios from funeral and retail. Our Scenarios For the Funeral scenario we had a persona created by Nicci Clarke and Karen…